Quilting Bees

June 12, 2017

A year ago, during my residency at the Museum of Arts and Design, I started a new solo project that will soon debut at the Leslie-Lohman Museum. Comprised of 8 new figures and 7 quilts, the installation follows two women helping each other climb a mountainous quilted terrain. For this last leg of completion, I’ve been holding quilting bees as a way to help with this enormous task, and also as a way to gather in community and share an important part of my upbringing — one of my favorite memories growing up in a Utah, Mormon community was gathering with neighborhood women a few times a year to hand-tie quilts to be gifted.

A.I.R. Gallery hosted my first round of quilting the first weekend in June. My final round of quilting bees will be held this upcoming Friday-Sunday (June 16–18) at another favorite artist-run gallery, Calico, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It is located at 67 West #203, and I’ll be there from 1–6 each day. Please join me!

I’ll be teaching a simple hand stitch (using a yarn and needle), and I welcome any and all help (and company!) to complete two more quilts.


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