Ephraim Quilt

July 12, 2019

Rachel Farmer, Generations of Springs (San Pitch Mountains & River, Wasatch Plateau, Ephraim, Utah), 2018-19. Photo by Kamilla Earlywine.

During my solo exhibition last summer at Granary Arts – a contemporary art center in Ephraim, Utah – I was invited by Amy Jorgensen (artist, Executive Director and Chief Curator) to envision a related project that could involve the local community. Thus this quilted map of Ephraim was born.

Over the course of a daylong workshop at Granary Arts, I loved becoming acquainted with, and working alongside, around 30 people – sewing individual farm patches and starting the yarn-quilting process. I enjoyed teaching a few participants how to sew for the first time, while others brought their expertise to the endeavor. Everyone marked a location important to them on the map through the addition of a French knot. And a few people donated scraps of clothing, or vintage fabric, to add both color and additional layers of meaning. I spent the winter finishing the quilt in my small Brooklyn apartment, including hours spent embroidering the mountain topography.

My gratitude goes out to all the people in the Ephraim community who helped bring this project to life. More info can be found at GranaryArts.org under Community Projects. Currently on view through September 27.

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